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The Ultimate Checklist for Planning an Orange River Rafting Trip

Updated: May 11, 2023

Rafting down the Orange River is a thrilling and unforgettable experience that combines beautiful scenery, challenging rapids, and a chance to bond with fellow adventurers. However, before you embark on this exciting adventure, it is important to plan and prepare for your trip to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. In this ultimate checklist, we’ll cover everything you need to know to plan your perfect Orange River rafting trip.

Choose a reputable operator

The first and most important step in planning your Orange River rafting trip is to choose a reputable operator. Look for a company with a good safety record, experienced guides, and positive reviews from past customers. A good way to find a reliable operator is to ask for recommendations from friends, family, or travel agents, and do your own research to find the best fit for your needs. Do not think cheaper is better, rather look at value for money, convenience, location, what the operator offers and never underestimate the Google Reviews!

Orange River Rafting Skill Levels

Determine your skill level

Rafting on the Orange River offers a range of options for different skill levels, from gentle floating to challenging rapids. Before you book your trip, determine your own skill level and choose a trip that matches it. Be honest with yourself about your abilities and comfort level, and don’t be afraid to ask your operator for guidance in choosing the right trip. It's important to choose a trip that provides a challenge while still remaining safe. No previous experience is required on the Thunder Alley section of the Orange River, as you will be shown everything during the safety briefings. Finally, only a moderate level of fitness is required for this adventure, so there is no need to be an Olympic athlete to join our trips!

Orange River Rafting Tour Length

Pick your trip length

The length of your Orange River rafting trip will depend on your schedule, budget, and desired level of adventure. Trips can range from a few days to a few weeks, so consider how much time you can take off and how much you’re willing to spend. Keep in mind that longer trips may offer more challenging rapids and more opportunities to explore the surrounding area.

Consider your group size

Rafting on the Orange River can be a great activity for solo travelers, couples, families, and groups of friends. Consider who you’d like to share the experience with and choose a trip that accommodates your group size. Larger groups may opt for private trips, while smaller groups may join a pre-planned tour. The group size can also impact the level of challenge and the type of trip that is recommended.

Plan your itinerary

Once you’ve chosen your operator, trip length, and group size, it’s time to plan your itinerary. Work with your operator to create a schedule that includes rafting, camping, meals, and any other activities you’d like to do. Keep in mind that some operators may offer customizable itineraries, while others may have set schedules. It's important to have a detailed itinerary to ensure that everything runs smoothly and to maximise your time on the river.

Get the necessary gear

Before you hit the water, you’ll need to gather the necessary gear for your Orange River rafting trip. This may include a wetsuit, helmet, life jacket, and paddles, as well as camping gear like a tent, sleeping bag, and cooking equipment. Check with your operator to see what gear they provide and what you’ll need to bring. It's important to ensure that all of the gear is in good condition and fits properly to ensure maximum safety. Adventure Rafting provides all the rafting gear, as well as the key camping equipment (tent, groundsheet, headlamp, mattress), so you just need to bring a sleeping bag and warm clothing for the early mornings and evenings.

Prepare for the weather

The weather in the Orange River region can be unpredictable, so it’s important to prepare for all possibilities. Pack both warm and cool clothing, as well as rain gear, sun protection, and insect repellent. Check the weather forecast before your trip and be prepared to adjust your itinerary if necessary. Knowing what the weather will be like during your trip can also impact the type of clothing and gear that you bring. Consider your transportation Getting to and from the Orange River can be a challenge, especially if you’re traveling from a far distance. Consider your transportation options, including flights, rental cars, and shuttles. If you’re renting a car, be sure to choose a vehicle that can handle the rugged terrain of the area. Many operators offer transportation services, so be sure to inquire about these options when booking your trip.

Stay hydrated and fueled

Rafting on the Orange River is a physically demanding activity that requires a lot of energy. It’s important to stay hydrated and fueled throughout your trip to maintain your stamina and prevent dehydration. Bring plenty of water and snacks with you on the raft, and pack enough food for your camping and meal breaks. Your operator may also provide meals and snacks, so be sure to inquire about this before your trip.

Take safety seriously

Rafting on the Orange River can be a dangerous activity if proper safety precautions are not taken. It’s important to take safety seriously and listen carefully to your guide’s instructions. Wear all necessary safety gear, including a helmet and life jacket, and follow proper paddling techniques to avoid capsizing. If you’re traveling with children, be sure to follow all safety guidelines and consider their abilities and comfort level when choosing your trip.

Respect the environment

The Orange River region is a beautiful and unique ecosystem that must be respected and protected. It’s important to practice Leave No Trace principles and minimize your impact on the environment. Don’t leave any trash or waste behind, and avoid damaging plants or disturbing wildlife. Respect the local culture and customs, and follow all rules and regulations in the area.

Stay flexible

Despite careful planning, things may not always go according to plan on your Orange River rafting trip. Be prepared to stay flexible and adapt to unexpected changes in the itinerary or weather. Embrace the adventure and enjoy the journey, even if it’s not exactly what you had planned.

Rafting down the Orange River is an exciting and unforgettable adventure that requires careful planning and preparation. By choosing a reputable operator, determining your skill level, picking your trip length, and considering your group size, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Be sure to plan your itinerary, gather the necessary gear, prepare for the weather, consider your transportation, stay hydrated and fueled, take safety seriously, respect the environment, and stay flexible. With these tips in mind, you’ll be ready for an amazing Orange River rafting trip that you’ll never forget.


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