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How do you go about booking a rafting trip with Adventure Rafting?

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Most people do some background research on rafting trips before they are ready to make a booking, but what should you do once you are satisfied with what you have seen and/or read?

Let's cover the various stages one by one.

Do your homework first

What I mean here is first do some research on rafting trips, operators, their location, pricing, and what is included in dates, flexibility, and convenience. Most credible operators will have a website, information on trips offered, pricing, and Google reviews, so check these out and e-mail the ones you prefer and request further information if you require that.

I am ready to book, so what now?

E-mail the contact e-mail address and advise them of your intentions in terms of your preferred adventure date, the number of people wanting to do the rafting trip (adults and children under 16 years of age, special dietary requirements, if you are solo or part of a group when you need to pay the 50% deposit by, as well as the balance, and ask for clarity on anything that's not clear. It's a good idea to ask about the refund and cancellation policy as well so that you understand what the expectations are. Once everything is clarified, you can request a proforma invoice and pay the deposit.

No bookings get confirmed until the 50% deposit is received. The outstanding balance is payable 7 days before the adventure starts.

I have paid the deposit, so what happens now?

Once you have confirmed a date to raft and Adventure Rafting has advised that it is available for you or your group, you pay the 50% deposit and send through the proof of payment. Once payment is received, your booking is confirmed, and you will receive all the information and instructions in connection with the rafting trip by e-mail. Please don't forget to advise your dietary requirements ASAP. An indemnity form will also be sent to you to complete, so once you receive it, it's important to complete and return it soonest too.

Something has come up and I cannot make the date of the adventure anymore, so what now?

Once you have made a commitment to the rafting adventure and paid the deposit, you are expected to do it. If there is a serious reason why you cannot make the rafting date, you need to communicate this ASAP and then arrange a postponement. In most instances, you will have 12 months to the event from the date your rafting adventure would have started.

Adventure Rafting has a no refund policy once you have paid a deposit, or in full for a trip, unless we are unable to do a specific trip and the alternative dates given to you are unworkable. The only other instance where a full or partial refund will be considered is when there are justifiable medical reasons preventing your participation in the adventure. In the latter instance, your medical practitioner will need to support your inability to participate in the rafting trip.

So to summarize, please make 100% sure you are able to commit to the date/s chosen before you book and pay, as you cannot cancel a trip once you have paid the deposit. It can be postponed and you will then have 12 months in which to do it. If you are unable to do the trip within the 12-month period, you will forfeit any deposit or monies paid. We therefore ask that you understand and accept these terms and conditions when you make the bookings.

I hope this article has clarified how you make a booking to do a rafting trip, and what our expectations are to make it an enjoyable experience for you.


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