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Why should I do a rafting trip with Adventure Rafting? What makes them unique compared to others?

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

So often with companies and businesses, people are just seen as numbers or walking wallets, but this is DEFINITELY not the case with Adventure Rafting.

Let's cover the key areas that differentiate Adventure Rafting from others.

Rafting group sizes

Our group sizes are smaller than those of other rafting outfits. Generally, our groups consist of up to 24 people maximum, and this ensures that people get to know each other better on the adventure. If groups are much bigger than this, people tend to migrate into their own little subgroups and this detracts from the atmosphere we want to create on our adventures. There is nothing better than sharing the exciting rapids, campfire chats, telling 'war stories' after an adrenaline-filled day, and all the excitement within a smaller, more intimate group of fellow adventurers.

Service and focus

Adventure Rafting prides itself on providing prospective clients with prompt, professional service and information in a timely manner. Nobody is kept waiting or wanting. Our business philosophy is very simple, namely that the customer is ALWAYS #1 and the very reason why Adventure Rafting actually exists! Nothing is ever too much of an effort!

Use of equipment

Adventure Rafting supplies mainly new rafting equipment in tip-top condition for our clients to use on rafting adventures. The reason for this is to avoid compromising your safety and to enhance your opinion of us. Clients have the full use of all our rafting equipment included in the price they pay, so there are no additional, hidden costs. Sadly this is not always the case with others. With Adventure Rafting, you know upfront what you are in for and what your expectations are.

Adventure Rafting also supplies key camping gear for clients to use, such as a tent, mattress, groundsheet, cooler box with ice, eating utensils, and fires to sit and chill around every night. Most other outfits charge you for the use of their camping equipment, however, we include this service in our pricing.

All our equipment is in excellent condition and is routinely checked to ensure that it is continually fit for purpose on our adventures.

Meals during the adventure

Adventure Rafting offers wholesome, hearty meals on all rafting trips, from dinner on the afternoon you arrive, until breakfast on the day you depart. Meals are thoughtfully planned to supply clients with good quality, tasty, well-prepared food and meals. It's important to us to provide clients with tasty, nutritious food, and many Google Reviews from our clients who have done the adventure with us reflect on the tasty, wholesome meals! There is nothing worse than being hungry after a day of rafting, and then being served skimpy, unpalatable food on these trips!

Pricing and value for money

Adventure Rafting offers very competitive, all-inclusive pricing for rafting trips. There are NO hidden extras or surprises. Clients receive comprehensive information on the adventure and on exactly what is included in the price.

Many operators charge extra for the use of camping gear and don't always serve up quality, tasty, wholesome meals. Some of them also have rafting equipment that is not exactly in good condition. You can rest assured that we focus very strongly on QUALITY RAFTING EQUIPMENT, QUALITY FOOD, TOP CLASS SERVICE, AND QUALITY CAMPING GEAR! We replace equipment regularly to ensure that it always remains fit for purpose.

Overall then, we definitely offer everyone excellent value for money. By all means, check out our Google Reviews from past clients and see for yourself what their thoughts were about our trips.

Safety on the adventure

Adventure Rafting is 100% safety-focused from when clients arrive until they depart. We have a zero alcohol policy too while clients are rafting on the river during the day. Once we reach the camping sites daily, clients can consume their alcoholic beverages. The trip leader and guides give clients regular, updated briefings on safety and what to expect navigating the rapids. The guides will also advise on any potential hazards along the way such as water boils, strainers, rocks, pour-overs, etc. They are there to assist you on and off the river, so never hesitate to consult them on any matter you feel unsure about. Younger children are placed with qualified guides during trips as well in order to ensure additional safety.

All the guides are certified and experienced so you are definitely in safe hands during the rafting adventure.

Well, I hope you feel comfortable now with what Adventure Rafting has to offer and have some idea of what differentiates us from other rafting operators. Enjoy your experience with us and please tell others about us too!


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