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Why a rafting trip on the Orange River is one of the best family holidays

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Families are always looking for exciting, memorable holidays to entertain themselves, but it's increasingly important to do an activity that builds character in kids, and bonds families together!

Rafting on the Orange River is a holiday adventure that has it all, so there is no need to look any further!

Why do a rafting holiday?

Let's be frank here, it is just so different, you get to do something unique, you challenge yourself physically and mentally, you are outdoors and learn valuable skills, you spend time enjoying nature, you do the activity together as a family unit, you meet new friends, and most importantly, there is no Wi-Fi on the river, so everyone gets to talk to real people for a few days!

What's in it for the family?

Rafting on the Orange River is the ultimate adventure for families, as you all get to do something fun together. Everyone learns how to work together as a team and you get to do some camping, so it's not your typical holiday staying at a resort! Kids love adventure and this section of the Orange River has around 30 adrenaline filled, hugely exciting rapids to navigate through. Families learn how to encourage and praise each other, how to laugh, communicate with each other, and how to make memories that will last forever.

Camping and enjoying nature

So many of us never get to sleep in the wild outdoors, so now is your chance! You get to sleep outdoors in one of the remotest parts of the Northern Cape, which is always a priviledge. It will be quiet and after a day of action, trust me, you won't need any rocking to fall asleep. All your meals are catered for by Adventure Rafting staff, so mom and dad get to relax at last, as there are no meals to cook, dishes to wash, nor any tidying up to do afterwards! Seriously, how good is that! You also get to see beautiful sunsets and sunrises and meet people with similar interests to yourselves. There are so many new things to experience as well, like sleeping in a tent, sitting around a campfire, washing or swimming in the river, fishing for yellowfish and catfish, learning how to raft, navigate rapids and so much more!

Spending time together

If you were at home, you'd be consumed by doing chores, sitting at your computer, being on your phone or just lazing around. This adventure gets everyone fired up for some thrilling, excitement daily, and definitely encourages moms, dads and kids to work together as a team. Communication is ultimately the winner as there is lots of time to enjoy yourself and to tell each other about your experiences face to face, whatever they are. People are sociable by nature, but a rafting trip will make everyone even more sociable! These rafting trips also build confidence and even if you are normally a shy person, you will build up your confidence enormously by the end of the trip. In our busy lives we don't often have 5 days together as a family unit sharing something so incredibly exciting, so this experience provides exactly that plus a lot more!

Making life long memories

Doing a rafting trip on the Orange River will definitely change your life forever, as you will get to experience so many different and new things during the adventure. These experiences will become memories you'll treasure forever and you will build a treasure chest of 'war stories' to relate to others around braai fires for years afterwards. Memories and families are inseparable, they build character, and solidify the family unit. It's a known fact that if families do adventures such as this one together, they become closer, more appreciative of nature and of each other. These adventures also encourage better communication, consideration, better listening skills, facilitate being up for challenges, and finally just appreciating being with each other.

One often hears about having a sound work, life balance and quality family time, well, this adventure on the Orange River has it all packaged up for you in the 5 day adventure offered!

If you are big on quality family time, enjoyment, and doing something uniquely different, contact Adventure Rafting today to make it happen! Who said dreams don't come true!


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