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Key things to focus on for rafting trips

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Who do you choose to go with?

Difficult question? Not really. Consider all the options thoroughly, location, stretch of river being rafted, prices, convenience, food, equipment supplied, pre-booking communication, value for money, safety, and general friendliness. Once you have considered all of these factors, you will be able to make an informed decision.

Where should one do an Orange River rafting adventure?

This all depends on what experience you wish to have. Do you want something sedentary or calm, something thrilling or exciting that gets the adrenaline pumping, or maybe a mix of both? There are many sections to raft along on the Orange River, however, Thunder Alley offers a perfect blend of relatively calm water and some thrilling rapids too! The camp sites along the way are fantastic too for chilling after a fun day, swimming, fishing and enjoying the Northern Cape outdoors!

What facilities are important to consider before booking a rafting trip?

The location of the basecamp is critical, as is access to it. The key facilities are safe parking, shower facilities, ablution facilies, camping facilities, staff friendliness and assistance, knowledge of the area and trip, and catering facilities. All of these key facilities facilitate a great experience and count for a lot.

Cheapest is not always best, so keep that in mind when considering a rafting trip. Value for money is far more important.


This is paramount and cannot be compromised at any stage of the adventure. A moderate level of fitness is required for any rafting adventure, so don't do a rafting trip if you have any seriou health issues such as respiratory, cardiovascular or rotator-cuff, back or neck issues. If you are unsure about your status to join a rafting trip, consult a doctor beforehand.

Safety at the basecamp and river is taken extremely seriously. No alcohol is allowed to be consumed during the day while you are rafting, as it makes you tired and can compromise your judgement. You can drink alcohol once you arrive at camping sites daily after the rafting has been completed for the day. Exotic drugs and dagga are not allowed anywhere during the adventure.

Helpfulness before, during and after the rafting adventure

It's important to understand what you are in for before making a commitment. The staff of the rafting outfit need to be able to answer all your questions in a friendly, polite manner, and need to do so quickly as well. Choose carefully based on your initial experiece and don't shy away from asking all the questions you have. There is no such thing as a stupid question! You need to feel confident with replies to your questions about the rafting adventure.

In summary

Adventure Rafting undertakes to make your experience a memorable one based on all the above considerations! Everyone is 100% committed to assisting you every step of the way, so please make use of all the assistance being offered.

You are welcome to check out all the Google Reviews on Adventure Rafting, East London, South Africa to see what others have experienced on rafting trips with us.

A rafting trip on the Thunder Alley section of the Orange River, with Adventure Rafting, is something everyone should consider doing a few times during their lives!

The Orange River is calling your name, can you hear it?

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