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When is the best time to book a rafting adventure in the peak season?

Many people wonder about when the best time is to book a trip in the busy peak season, so let's cover off the most important points to consider before making that final commitment.

When is the peak season for rafting trips?

The peak season is essentially from November to April every year. The peak season is by far the most popular time to do rafting trips, as people are on holiday then and the weather is warmer. The peak season includes the summer holidays through until the Easter weekend. During this time most operators are extremely busy and space is limited, so plan ahead and make bookings well in advance.

How long in advance should I book a trip for?

From experience, I would suggest at least 3-4 months ahead of whenever you plan to do a rafting adventure. It also depends on who you plan to go with, your budget, and how far you have to, or want to travel to get to the base camp. Some operators only do big groups of 20+ rafters, others accommodate smaller groups. It pays to first do your homework and to check out all the operators, what they charge pp, what they offer (meals, use of rafting gear, use of camping equipment, whether they have an accessible base camp, whether there is safe, free parking, whether there are showers and ablution facilities, and what their Google Reviews are like!

If you are planning a rafting adventure in December and January, book 4-5 months in advance, otherwise you will be disappointed and may have to go with an operator you don't particularly want to go with!

Most worthwhile operators will require some form of commitment, so a deposit, to secure your place on a trip. This is not unusual, so ask what the terms and conditions are if you wanted to make a booking.

All operators have to plan trips well in advance so need to secure camping spots, pay their guides and staff, buy food, so it's not unusual for them to get you to commit to a trip by asking for a deposit before confirming a booking.

To be frank, if you want to secure space on trips in the peak season, particularly for multiple people, don't take chances, make the booking and secure your spots!

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